Get to know Get to know the veteran and small-town mayor impacting communities like yours.

Larry is a born and raised Hispanic & African-American Texan, who was adopted at birth and grew up in a split-household. His upbringing was heavily influenced by his family of community leaders (ministry, healthcare, education, military, etc.) and their commitment to service and family.

Prior to enlisting in the military, Larry attempted college and worked in various blue-collar jobs like many in our communities. Upon retiring from the military and struggling like many with his post military identity, he worked (unpaid) for 10-months with the University of Texas System (UTS) Administration before receiving a contract as Director of Veteran Support & Leadership Programs.

Upon the disbandment of the UTS Veterans Department, Larry took a pay-cut to work at Huston—Tillotson University (HTU) in support of launching their Masters of Business Administration. While at HTU, he served as an Assistant Professor of Management and tasked with military recruitment and MBA Lead.

Shorty after COVID-19 entered America, Larry opted out of renewing his HTU contract to give full attention and support to the City of Manor and surrounding region in acknowledgement of his obligation as Mayor.

Although military retired, Larry frequently teaches classes for the School of Business and consults with various organizations to help further enhance and empower needed impacts within our surrounding communities. He also occasionally works with NorthCentral University as their Military Strategic Development Lead given his vast knowledge and experience summarized in the book he co-authored called The Transition: Preparing For Financial Combat.

Larry is married to a middle school teacher and has three kids in public school.


  • Climate Mayors
  • C40 Cities
  • Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  • Cities United
  • Society of Human Resource Management
  • Dallas Human Resource Management Association
  • American College of Healthcare Executives
  • National Association of Health Services Executives
  • Black Leaders Collective
  • African American Mayors Association
  • Civic Cities
  • When We All Vote
  • When Women All Vote
  • Our Community Salutes
  • 2021 Austin Under 40 Finalist for Mentor of the Year
  • 2021, 26th Annual Heinz Award Nominee (recommender, Austin Area Urban League)
  • 2020, Alpha Great – Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
  • 2020, Changing The Story Distinguished Community Leader Award (presenter, African-American Youth Harvest Foundation)
  • 2019, Austin Under 40 Finalist for Youth & Education
  • 2019, Austin Under 40 Finalist for Civics, Government & Public Affairs
  • 2019, Achievements in Black Austin Honoree (presenter, Austin Black Journal)
  • 2022, Whitney M. Young Jr. Award (presenter, National Boy Scouts of America)

Military Service

Captain Larimen T. Wallace II exemplary served over 18 years of service from 02 February 1999 to 30 June 2017, culminating as the Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Army Special Operations Aviation Command (Airborne) [USASOAC (Abn)]. Captain Wallace exhibited outstanding leadership, professionalism, initiative, dedication, and sincere concern for the welfare of Soldiers, Civilians, and their Families; consummately performed all assignments; and distinctly made significant contributions to the development, training, and operations of each unit assigned. Previous positions of senior leadership include Deputy Chief of Staff (Military), Chief Administrative Officer, Command Secretary of the General Staff & Executive Officer (CMD SGS/XO), and Human Resources Plans & Operations (HR P/O) Division Chief (USASOAC [Abn]); National Support Element Commander (USA North Atlantic Treaty Organization [NATO]); Deputy of Intelligence/Operations (NATO); Administrative Logistical Operations Center (ALOC) Commander (Infantry); Platoon Leader (Service Support), Battery Commander (Field Artillery), Drill Sergeant (Field Artillery), Department of the Army Promotion Boards Noncommissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) (U.S. Army Hawaii [USARHAW]), Customer Services NCOIC (USARHAW), and Detachment Motor pool NCOIC (556th Personnel Services Battalion).

Dates Served: 2013-2017

Unit Activated: March 25, 2011

As the first Command Secretary of the General Staff & Executive Officer (CMD SGS/XO), Captain Wallace brought the Command to unprecedented levels of readiness and increased its strategic planning success by 20%. As the Command’s Chief Administrative Officer, he comprehensively streamlined all staff processes across 4 units and 17 directorates enhancing strategic messaging; revised the Command’s roles & responsibilities publication as the Chief of Protocol and Chief of Strategic Communications; and concurrently served as the Commanding General’s Aide de Camp and Executive Assistant, as required. Captain Wallace solidified the need for this newly established position as the first incumbent.

As the Human Resources Plans & Operations (HR P/O) Division Chief, CPT Wallace assisted in the human capital management of all Army special operations aviators (K4) by revising policies and procedures to sustain the force and lead the DoD mandated integration of females into special operations forces; served as the Strength Management Division Chief, Deputy of Personnel Management (G-1), and Assistant Chief of Staff G-1 in their absence without decline in productivity; created a single locale information center; and as the G-1’s subject matter expert, led a change of command ceremony, oversaw annual DA recruiting mission submissions, and enhanced HR products and processes both at the component and Command level by 30%.

Dates Served: 2010-2013

Unit Assigned: US Army NATO

As the Company Commander (nominative), Bravo Company, Allied Forces North Battalion (USA NATO), Captain Wallace provided administrative and Title 10 support to Soldiers spanning six locations across four countries; and concurrently served as the USA National Support Element Commander, Allied Forces- Heidelberg (NATO), for Navy, Air Force, and Marine Service Members. Within seven months, CPT Wallace rebranded his Company transforming it from the worst to among the best within the brigade through the systematic implementation of practices and policies which improved training, communication, and collaboration by 20%. Orchestrating with Sister Service to obtain administrative control over Navy, Air Force, and Marine members within his area, CPT Wallace set the standard for dispersed companies through 95% readiness support ratings. Given his distinguishable relationship with senior national representatives (SNRs), CPT Wallace led the team directly supporting general officers, ambassadors, senior executive service members, and commanders attending the Senior Army Leaders Meeting. During his tenure, CPT Wallace orchestrated with Europe Command (EUCOM) and U.S. Army Europe (USAEUR), the Joint NATO CBRN Center of Excellence (COE), and U.S. Embassy at Prague to establish the first US Soldier in the Czech Republic; and performed the pre-coordination efforts to assign the first Soldiers to the Joint NATO IED COE in Slovakia and United Nation’s EUROCORPS in France. Junior to his peers by five years in rank, CPT Wallace directly supported a Lieutenant General, 6 Army Colonels, and 6 SNRs at a removed location for 33-months impeccably as his transparency and strive for unified actions enhanced partner nation relations by 50%. When tasked to deactivate his Company, support the concurrent deactivation of Allied Forces-Heidelberg, and vacate prior to the Heidelberg Garrison closing, CPT Wallace collectedly transferred authority of outstations, turned in organizational equipment and facilities, and directly worked with EUCOM and USAEUR on personnel moves.

As the first military Deputy of Intelligence/Operations (nominative), USA NATO, Captain Wallace coordinated anti-terrorism and force protection support for over 3,000 Soldiers and Civilians at 34 locations across 12 countries. CPT Wallace also enhanced theater support operations and deployment support teams 10% by revising, coordinating, and synchronizing directorate actions and establishing the first Strategic Planning Off-Site Meeting to ensure strategic guidance’s, quality of life, and operational challenges were properly addressed by command teams.

Dates Served: 2007-2009

Unit Assigned: 172nd Infantry Brigade

Deployed with:

  • 10th Mountain Division (closed June 12, 2013)
  • 34th Infantry Division (first U.S. division deployed in WWII)

As the Battalion Personnel Administrator (deployed), Task Force 2nd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, Captain Wallace restructured the utilization of trackers and processes to sustain a 98% deployable ready status – 50% above the brigade. Serving concurrently as the ALOC Commander, Battle Captain, Field Ordering Officer, Primary Financial Liability Investigation Property Loss Officer, a Central Texas College and University of Maryland University College Adjunct Teacher, and proctor for three additional universities. CPT Wallace ensured first class administrative, logistical, postal, and educational services were readily available to 1,240 Soldiers and contractors comprising 26 units across 15 geographically locations and 6 battle spaces. When the Battalion was tasked to assume the brigade’s area of responsibility, he additionally assumed liaison roles on the brigade’s economic team and provincial support team. CPT Wallace exemplified the Army’s personnel service delivery redesign effort by transforming the Battalion’s worse staff section into it best. 

Dates Served: 2007-2008

Unit Assigned: 38th Personnel Services Battalion (closed June 11, 2008)

Deployed with:
  • 38th Human Resources Company, 21st Theater Sustainment Command
  • 834th Postal Company, 81st Infantry Division (first U.S. Army division authorize a soldier sleeve insignia)
  • 15th Personnel Services Battalion, 1st Calvary Division (most decorated military division)
  • 350th Human Resources Company, 7th Sustainment Brigade
  • Forward Operating Base (FOB) Kalsu

  • As the Tier 1A Platoon Leader (deployed), 5th Platoon, 111th Company, First Lieutenant Wallace provided postal operations and networking services to over 16,000 customers at 4 geographically separated locations throughout Southern Iraq. During his tenure, 1LT Wallace enhanced Service Member morale 50% by single-handedly generating statements of work and coordinating authority approvals and contract construction to establish a post office at Basrah Air Station (the largest detainee transport center) and a $400K 5-phased expansion for Camp Bucca (the largest detainee prison). 1LT Wallace distinguishably interacted daily with senior grade officers, coalition forces, contractors, and Civilians; therefore, when tasked to expand his area of responsibility to support Marine’s in Al Assad, Soldiers at FOB Kalsu, and establish a satellite post office for Civilians at Iskandariyah; he coordinated directly will KBR Inc. for full command and authority over eight contractors and solicited assistance from resident commands at each location to fill holiday support gaps.

    Dates Served: 2006-2007

    Unit Assigned: Maverick Battalion (R.O.T.C. Staff) – UT at Arlington

    Second Lieutenant Wallace enhanced the University of Texas at Arlington’s ROTC program 30% by revising Army Reserve and National Guard ROTC policies and the implementation of a health and welfare program as a Gold Bar Recruiter.

    Dates Served: 2003-2006

    Unit Assigned: 2-354th Field Artillery Regiment

    As the Battery Commander (nominative), Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 354th Field Artillery Regiment, Second Lieutenant Wallace led the drill sergeant candidate battery for one station unit training (OSUT), where his shared leadership style and interactive approach ensured a 100% graduation rate. During his tenure, 2LT Wallace increased recruitment and recruiter satisfaction 20% by restructuring the 95th Division’s recruitment strategy policy, implementing geographical boundaries for battalions, and establishing a rewards program based on referrals. Second Lieutenant Wallace also updated the Battalion’s combatives familiarization indoctrination program; and restructured his Company and Battalion’s training schedules and policies to increase Brigade requirement congruence by 30%.
    Prior to commissioning as an officer, Staff Sergeant Wallace served as a drill sergeant for a Field Artillery One Stop Unit Training (OSUT) facility at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Responsibilities as a drill sergeant include the physical and mental training to equip civilians to serve as conditioned and ready Soldiers for peace and wartime expectations.

    Dates Served: 1999-2003

    Unit Assigned: 556th Personnel Services Battalion

    As the non-commissioned officer in charge for Customer Service and Department of the Army Promotions Board, Specialist Wallace was responsible for the support to roughly 4,000 soldiers. The customer service department provided various records updates and submitted life insurance policies. The promotions department coordinated the review and submission of centralized Army-level profile assessments for Staff Sergeants, Master Sergeants, and Sergeant Majors to the next level of rank. As a Private First Class, Wallace oversaw the Detachment’s Motorpool and served as an evaluations clerk for enlisted soldiers. As a Private Second Class, Wallace served as a records clerk.

    • Basic Training
    • Personnel Services Specialist (AIT)
    • Field Sanitation
    • Hazmat
    • Drivers Training
    • Communications
    • Air Assault School
    • Combat Lifesaver
    • Defense Hazmat Handling
    • Protecting Secret and Confidential Documents Supervisor Development
    • Unit Supply Specialist
    • Defense Preservation & Packing Marketing Systems
    • Action Officer Development
    • Manager Development
    • Primary Leadership Development Course
    • Drill Sergeant School
    • Combative Level 1
    • Combative Level 2
    • Company Trainer’s Course
    • Basic Officer Leader Course
    • Adjutant General Basic Course
    • Information Assurance
    • Contracting Officer Representative
    • Adjutant General Captain Career Course
      Safety Course
    • Company Commander Course
    • Airborne School
    • Brigade S1 Operations Course
    • Private (USA)-03 February 1999 
    • Private Second Class (USA)-03 August 1999 
    • Private First Class (USA)-03 February 2000 
    • Specialist (USA)-03 April 2001
    • Sergeant (USA)-01 April 2002
    • Staff Sergeant (USAR)-14 May 2004 
    • Second Lieutenant (USAR)-19 August 2005 
    • First Lieutenant (USA)-19 August 2007 
    • Captain (USA)-01 March 2009
    • Platinum Lifetime Member (PLM), The Rocks Inc
    • Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW)
    • 27 Performance & Proficiency Awards
    • 5 Foreign Relations Awards
    • 3 Teamwork Awards
    • 3 Cultural Diversity Awards
    • 2 Adversity & Courage Awards
    • 2 Personification Awards
    • Community Service Award


    • 2019, Veterans in Politics & Civic Engagement Certificate at Syracuse University
    • 2018, Doctorates in Business Administration at Northcentral University
    • 2018, Small Business Operations Specialization, University of Pennsylvania
    • 2017, Veterans Entrepreneurial Jumpstart Program at Saint Joseph University
    • 2017, Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Disabled Veterans at Texas A&M Commerce
    • 2017, Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt at Msys Training
    • 2017, Project Management at Syracuse University
    • 2016, National Defense University’s Joint Special Operations Masters of Arts in Strategic Studies selectee
    • 2008, Masters in Business Administration at Northcentral University
    • 2006, Masters in Human Relations & Business at Amberton University
    • 2005, Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies at University of Texas at Arlington
    • 2004, Associates in General Studies at Tarrant County College – East Campus
    • Sergeant At Arms, 2004, Zeta Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Texas
    • Image & Perception Chair, 2004, Zeta Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Texas
    • Mascot, 2004, Arlington Cheerleaders, UT-Arlington
    • Community Service Chair, 2005, Zeta Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Texas
    • Community Service Chair, 2005, National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC), UT-Arlington
    • Assistant Scoutmaster, 2005, Troop 340, Boy Scouts of America (BSA), Texas
    • Presidential Council Member, 2005, Greek Life Council, UT-Arlington
    • Freshmen Mentor, 2005, Arlington Hosts, UT-Arlington
    • Cadet Command Sergeant Major (CSM), 2004-2005, Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC), UT-Arlington
    • Community Service Chair, Black Student Association (BSA), 2003-2005, UT-Arlington
    • Community Service Chair, National Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), 2003-2005, UT-Arlington
    • Graduate Advisor, 2006, Zeta Chi, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Texas
    • 2020, National Society of Leadership & Success
    • 2019, Northcentral University Alumni of the Year (nominee)
    • 2019, University of Texas at Arlington ROTC Hall of Honor (nominee)
    • 2018, Delta Mu Delta International Honor Society in Business
    • 2018, Northcentral University Dissertation of the Year (nominee)
    • 2016, Golden International Honour Society
    • 2016, International Scholar Laureate Program for Business & Entrepreneurship Program

    Other Affiliations

    • 2015-2017, Grand Sword Bearer at Maryland (PHA)
    • 2016, Instructor/Strategic Development at William R. Davie Leadership Academy, GL of NC (A.F.&A.M.)
    • 2016, Assist. Grand Lecturer at South Carolina (PHA)
    • 2014, Assist. District Deputy Grand Master (At-Large, North Carolina) (ADDGM) at North Carolina (MD-PHA)
    • 2013, Assist. District Deputy Grand Master (ADDGM) at Europe District No. 12 (MD-PHA)
    • 2013, Worshipful Master (WM) at Samuel T. Daniels Lodge No. 109, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012, Senior Warden (SW) at Samuel T. Daniels Lodge No. 109, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2010, Junior Warden (JW) at Samuel T. Daniels Lodge No. 109, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2009-2013, Lecturer at Samuel T. Daniels Lodge No. 109, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2009-2013, Assist. Lecturer at Europe District No. 12 (MD-PHA)
    • 2009-2013, Chaplain at Europe District No. 12 (MD-PHA)
    • 2009, Senior Deacon (SD) at Haile Selassie Lodge No. 90, Iraq (DC-PHA)
    • 2016, Education Program Advisor at District No. 5, North Carolina (A.F.&A.M.)
    • 2010, Most Excellent High Priest (MEHP) at Roland C. Scott Chapter No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, Chief of Administration (Chief) at Europe Division No. 7 & 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, Scribe at Europe Division No.7 & 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Scribe at Roland C. Scott Chapter No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Assist. District Deputy Grand High Priest (ADDGHP) at Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Assist. Chief of Administration (Chief) at Europe Division No. 7 & 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Master of the First Veil (M1V) at Europe Division No.7 & 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2010-2013, Lecturer at Roland C. Scott Chapter No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)

    ***Revised the HRAM protocol manual for Western Europe***

    • 2016, Education Program Advisor at Fayetteville Council No. 27, District No. 5, North Carolina (A.F.&A.M.)
    • 2012, Thrice Illustrious Master (TIM) at Donald R. Thompson Study Group, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011-2013, Lecturer at James C. Baker Council No. 4, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Conductor of the Council (CofC) at James C. Baker Council No. 4, Europe (MD-PHA)

    ***Revised the RSM protocol manual for Western Europe***

    • 2016, Education Program Advisor at Palestine Commandery No. 20, Region No. 5, North Carolina (A.F.&A.M.)
    • 2012-2013, Chief of Administration (Chief) at Europe Region No. 4 (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, Lecturer at John E. Wallace Commandery No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012, Eminent Commander (EC) at John E. Wallace Commandery No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Generalissimo (GEN) at John E. Wallace Commandery No. 116, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Assist. Chief of Administration at Europe Region No. 4 (MD-PHA)

    ***Revised the KT protocol manual for Western Europe***

    • 2016, Department of Journalism at United Supreme Council (DC-PHA)
    • 2016, Instructor at Scottish Rite Training Academy, North Carolina (DC-PHA)
    • 2014-2016, Ritual & Ritualistic Committee at Dr. G. W. Allen Council of Deliberation (COD), NC (TN-PHA)
    • 2014-2016, Special Committee at United Supreme Council (TN-PHA)
    • 2013, Grand Inspector General (GIG) at Russell L. Parks Council of Deliberation (COD), Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2012, Most Wise & Perfect Master at Donald H. Coleman Chapter of Rose Croix No. 329, Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2012, Illustrious 1st Lieutenant at Donald H. Coleman Consistory No. 329, Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2012, Lecturer at Donald H. Coleman Consistory No. 329, Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2011, Grand Commander at Donald H. Coleman Council of Kadosh No. 329, Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2011, Illustrious Engineer & Architect at Donald H. Coleman Consistory No. 329, Europe (TN-PHA)
    • 2010, Thrice Potent Master at Booker T. Washington Lodge of Perfection No. 225, South Carolina (TN-PHA)

    ***Assisted in revising the TN-PHA degree/lecture books***

    • 2013-2014, Ambassador (At-Large) at Desert of Western Europe (DOWE)
    • 2012-2014, Lecturer at Desert of Western Europe (DOWE)
    • 2012-2013, Lecturer at Faisal Temple No. 192, Desert of Western Europe (DOWE)
    • 2012, Illustrious Potentate (Potie) at Faisal Temple No. 192, Desert of Western Europe (DOWE)
    • 2011, Chief Rabban at Faisal Temple No. 192, Desert of Western Europe (DOWE)

    ***Facilitated DOWE communications with in-state members; established a Desert study guide***


    • 2012-2013, District Deputy Grand Associate Patron (DDGAP) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, District Deputy Grand Associate King Solomon (DDGAKS) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, District Deputy Grand Associate Royal Patron (DDGARP) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2013, District Deputy Grand Patron (DDGP) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2013, District Deputy Grand King Solomon (DDGKS) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2013, District Deputy Grand Royal Patron (DDGRP) at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2012, Worthy Patron (WP) at Guiding Star Chapter No. 69, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012, King Solomon (Patron) at Guiding Star Palace No. 69, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012, Royal Patron (RP) at Guiding Star Court No. 69, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • 2012-2013, Lecturer at Europe District No. 8 (MD-PHA)
    • 2011, Associate Patron (AP) at Guiding Star Chapter No. 69, Europe (MD-PHA)

    ***Revitalized inactive chapters and a dying Order; created a District protocol manual***

    • Masonic Order of the Bath (USA), A.F.&A.M.
    • Sovereign Order of Knights Preceptor (USA), A.F.&A.M.
    • Knight Masons (USA), A.F.&A.M.
    • Ye Antiente Order of Corks (USA), A.F.&A.M.
    • Adeptus Exemptus, VII°, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (SRICF), A.F.&A.M.
    • Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests (HRAKTP), A.F.&A.M.
    • Grand College of Rite, A.F.&A.M.
    • III°, Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim (APRMM)
    • Membership in Perpetuity, North Carolina Chapter No. 97, National Sojourners (A.F.&A.M.)
    • Martin Luther King Council No. 3, Order of the Knights of Pythagoras (KOP), Europe (DC-PHA)
    • True Light No. 9, Heroines of Jericho (HOJ), Europe (MD-PHA)
    • Alpina Research Group (ARG) (Switzerland)
    • Swiss Research Group (SRG) (Switzerland)
    • Research Lodge of Wellington No. 194 (New Zealand)
    • Hawke’s Bay Research Lodge No. 305 (New Zealand)
    • United Masters Research Lodge No. 167 (New Zealand)
    • Research Lodge of Wellington 194 (New Zealand)
    • Australian & New Zealand Masonic Research Council (ANZMRC)
    • Barron Barnett Lodge No. 146 (Australia)
    • Kring Nieuw Holland (Australia)
    • Holden Research Circle (Australia)
    • Sri Brahedeeswara Lodge Masonic Research Circle (India)
    • Domer Masonic Study Circle (England)
    • Carnforth Masonic Study Circle (England)
    • Quatuor Coronati No. 18 (Spain)
    • Masonic Philosophical Society
    • Certificate of Appreciation, 2009, Haile Selassie Lodge No. 90, Iraq (DC-PHA)
    • Honorary Member, Hadoth Lodge No. 250, South Carolina (PHA)
    • Staff Member of the Year, 2012, Region No. 4 & Region No. 7 & 8, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • Lodge of the Year, 2013 District 12, Europe (MD-PHA)
    • Per Ankh Lodge Charter Member, Ancient & Primitive Rite of Memphis Misraim (APRMM)
    • Assistant Grand Lecturer (Hon.), Most Excellent Grand Chapter, North Carolina (PHA)
    • Theoricus (II°), Holy Order of the Golden Dawn (HOGD)
    • Aeth Priesthood, Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (FRC)
    • Marian Knight (Hon.), Teutonic Order of Saint Mary’s Hospital in Jerusalem
    • Knight of Chivalry, Order of the Holy Grail
    • Platinum Lifetime Member (PLM), The Rocks Inc
    • Military Order of Foreign Wars of the United States (MOFW)
    • Father William Ryan Council No. 11683, Knight of Columbus (KofC), North Carolina
    • Order of the Magi, Fraternitas Rosae Crucis (FRC)
    • Evans-Newkirk No. 1746, Improved Benevolent Protective Order of Elks of the World, Inc. (IBPOE), NC
    • Riley Hill Lodge No. 7224, Grand United Order of Odd-fellows (GUOOF), North Carolina
    • 2013, President of the Year
    • 2012, District Staff Member of the Year (2x)
    • 25 Invitational Only Memberships
    • 3 Honorary Membership Invitations


    • Seton Screen & Go Program at City Hall (facilitated)
    • CommUnityCare COVID Testing (coordinated)
    • Austin Area Urban League & Travis County Health & Human Services PPE Distribution
    • Black Mamas ATX – Manor Program $40K Grant (endorsed)
    • Healing with Horses Ranch – Veteran Program $25K Grant (endorsed)
    • Project Digital Empowerment for Community Interventions on Diabetes Self- Management Efficacy grant (endorsed)
    • Piloted 1st 100% Volunteer Vaccination Clinic (facilitated)
    • Community Care Flu Shots, PPE and Turkeys Event (facilitated)
    • LyftUp Access Alliance Grant (facilitated)
    • Healthcare Task Force (coordinated)
    • Project Precision Diabetes Management for African Americans grant (endorsed)
    • Senior Access grant (endorsed)
    • Veteran Parking Spots (facilitated)
    • Crisis Intercept Mapping for Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Suicide
      Prevention (facilitated)
    • Purple Heart City Designation (coordinated)
    • 1st Central Texas Purple Heart School District Designation (facilitated)
    • Institute for Veterans & Military Families (IVMF)’s Community Navigator Pilot Program grant (endorsed)
    • Cadet Corp Program (coordinated)
    • Dell Student Technology Certification Program (coordinated)
    • Our Community Salutes (coordinated)
    • Texas Alliance of Black School Educators Golf Tournament (facilitated)
    • Cities United Membership (coordinated)
    • Peace Challenge (coordinated)
    • Manor Education Committee (coordinated)
    • Revamped CAC BSA Community Snapshots for Enhanced Diversity & Inclusion
      Membership Drives (revised)
    • Travis County youth access to all 22 Austin Public Libraries w/Capital Metro realigned transportation services (coordinated)
    • Cities Race to Zero – C40 (coordinated)
    • Paris Agreement Resolution (coordinated)
    • Climate Mayors Membership (coordinated)
    • LyftUp Access Alliance Grant (coordinated)
    • When All Women Vote (pledged)
    • When We All Vote (pledged)
    • “Meet the Candidates” Q&A Forums (coordinated)
    • Juneteenth City Holiday (coordinated)
    • Stanford Law School Policy Practicum Lab on Police Reform (participated)
    • Citizen’s Police Advisory Board (coordinated)
    • Public Safety Committee (coordinated)
    • AAMA’s Institute for Racial and Economic Justice Policy (participated)
    • AAMA’s Peace Act for Community Centered Policing (pledged)
    • Obama Foundation’s Commit to Action (pledged)
    • Manor Public Safety Criminal Ordinance (coordinated)
    • Mayors Against Illegal Guns (pledged)
    • Response to COVID – Six Pathways to Success (coordinated)
    • Emergency Management Ordinance (coordinated)
    • Emergency Management Basic Plan (revised) 
    • State of the City Address (coordinated)
    • Charter Commission (coordinated activation)
    • 19 Charter Propositions (coordinated)
    • Ethics Committee (coordinated activation)
    • Board of Adjustments (coordinated activation)
    • Mayor’s Community Collaborative (coordinated)
    • Real Talk w/Mayor Sessions (coordinated)
    • Economic Development Smartbook (facilitated)
    • 2050 Comprehensive Plan (facilitated)
    • Economic Office (coordinated)
    • Grants Office (coordinated)
    • City Manager Evaluation Process (coordinated)
    • 2050 Comprehensive Plan (coordinated)
    • Bi-Weekly Mayors & County Judge Meeting (coordinated)
    • Eastern Crescent Transportation Quarterly Meeting (coordinated)
    • Manor Disaster Relief Group (coordinated)
    • Emergency Management Committee (coordinated)
    • Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership (pledged)
    • African-American Mayors Association Innovation Project (pledged)
    • Huston-Tillotson Small Business Certification (co-drafted)
    • Travis County Caregiver Grab-n-Go Prepared Meals (facilitated)
    • Central Texas Food Bank Distributions (coordinated)
    • Laundris (facilitated tech industry disruptor to Manor)
    • CivStart Small Business Support Program (facilitated)
    • Resource & Information Fair (coordinated)
    • Manor Economic Development Committee (coordinated)
    • Kaufman’s Entrepreneurship & Small Business Ownership Commitment (pledged)
    • City Innovation Ecosystems Commitment (pledged)
    • St. David’s Foundation $25K Grant for Local Nonprofits (coordinated)
    • Highway Signage, Interstate Restriping, and Farm-to-Market Turn Signals (coordinated)
    • Manor Capital Improvements Committee (coordinated)
    • Small Business Administration’s Community Navigator Program grant (endorsed)