The Transition: Preparing for Financial Combat

The Transition: Preparing for Financial Combat is about preparing transitioning service members psychologically for the next stage of their life after the military. This book approaches every facet of a transition with unique insight and helpful techniques to better mentally prepare and create the proper self-awareness to succeed and thrive within the civilian workplace. The better prepared a service member becomes through their transition, the greater the chances in achieving their desired lifestyle and goals. The Transition is truly invaluable because it assists our Nation’s greatest asset, our service members.

Irony or Symbolism (The Esoteric Mason)

Freemasonry is said to have its imprint on all things and in this book, we will discover just how true that saying is. We will delve into why these authors selected the names, locations, and items used in the stories created by them. What better way to realize first-hand the mysteries of freemasonry in the very same fairytales, movies, and cartoons you grew up on.

The Esoteric Mason

Esoteric Masonry is a personal exploration of some of the less mainstream areas within freemasonry. Some of these aspects include personal development, spiritualism, mysticism, and so on. It can also include aspects of history not commonly looked at by mainstream historians or participants. Esoterism investigates lines of religious thought existing on the fringes of mainstream doctrine. However, investigating does not mean working to prove (or disprove) one aspect or another. On the contrary, the esoteric side of masonry seeks to find additional sources to the wisdom and understanding of life and the establishment of our world hidden within freemasonry’s teachings.

Adaptive Leadership in High-Stress Occupations: Applications to the Military

Developing leaders for long-term success is a challenge for most organizations, including the Armed Services. A thematic analysis regarding the characteristics required of core, adaptive, and innovative leadership, identified eight reoccurring themes including (a) Flexible, (b) Competence, (c) Strategic, (d) Grit, (e) Honest, (f) Caring, (g) Collaborative, and (h) Humility, in rank order of overall importance.