Get to know the veteran and small-town mayor impacting communities like yours.

The following are examples of how Larry enhanced service and support to the community:

  • Seton Screen & Go Program at City Hall (facilitated)
  • CommUnityCare COVID Testing (coordinated)
  • Austin Area Urban League & Travis County Health & Human Services PPE Distribution
  • Black Mamas ATX – Manor Program $40K Grant (endorsed)
  • Healing with Horses Ranch – Veteran Program $25K Grant (endorsed)
  • Project Digital Empowerment for Community Interventions on Diabetes Self- Management Efficacy grant (endorsed)
  • Piloted 1st 100% Volunteer Vaccination Clinic (facilitated)
  • Community Care Flu Shots, PPE and Turkeys Event (facilitated)
  • LyftUp Access Alliance Grant (facilitated)
  • Healthcare Task Force (coordinated)
  • Project Precision Diabetes Management for African Americans grant (endorsed)
  • Senior Access grant (endorsed)
  • Veteran Parking Spots (facilitated)
  • Crisis Intercept Mapping for Service Members, Veterans, and their Families Suicide
    Prevention (facilitated)
  • Purple Heart City Designation (coordinated)
  • 1st Central Texas Purple Heart School District Designation (facilitated)
  • Institute for Veterans & Military Families (IVMF)’s Community Navigator Pilot Program grant (endorsed)
  • Cadet Corp Program (coordinated)
  • Dell Student Technology Certification Program (coordinated)
  • Our Community Salutes (coordinated)
  • Texas Alliance of Black School Educators Golf Tournament (facilitated)
  • Cities United Membership (coordinated)
  • Peace Challenge (coordinated)
  • Manor Education Committee (coordinated)
  • Revamped CAC BSA Community Snapshots for Enhanced Diversity & Inclusion
    Membership Drives (revised)
  • Travis County youth access to all 22 Austin Public Libraries w/Capital Metro realigned transportation services (coordinated)
  • Cities Race to Zero – C40 (coordinated)
  • Paris Agreement Resolution (coordinated)
  • Climate Mayors Membership (coordinated)
  • LyftUp Access Alliance Grant (coordinated)
  • When All Women Vote (pledged)
  • When We All Vote (pledged)
  • “Meet the Candidates” Q&A Forums (coordinated)
  • Juneteenth City Holiday (coordinated)
  • Stanford Law School Policy Practicum Lab on Police Reform (participated)
  • Citizen’s Police Advisory Board (coordinated)
  • Public Safety Committee (coordinated)
  • AAMA’s Institute for Racial and Economic Justice Policy (participated)
  • AAMA’s Peace Act for Community Centered Policing (pledged)
  • Obama Foundation’s Commit to Action (pledged)
  • Manor Public Safety Criminal Ordinance (coordinated)
  • Mayors Against Illegal Guns (pledged)
  • Response to COVID – Six Pathways to Success (coordinated)
  • Emergency Management Ordinance (coordinated)
  • Emergency Management Basic Plan (revised) 
  • State of the City Address (coordinated)
  • Charter Commission (coordinated activation)
  • 19 Charter Propositions (coordinated)
  • Ethics Committee (coordinated activation)
  • Board of Adjustments (coordinated activation)
  • Mayor’s Community Collaborative (coordinated)
  • Real Talk w/Mayor Sessions (coordinated)
  • Economic Development Smartbook (facilitated)
  • 2050 Comprehensive Plan (facilitated)
  • Economic Office (coordinated)
  • Grants Office (coordinated)
  • City Manager Evaluation Process (coordinated)
  • 2050 Comprehensive Plan (coordinated)
  • Bi-Weekly Mayors & County Judge Meeting (coordinated)
  • Eastern Crescent Transportation Quarterly Meeting (coordinated)
  • Manor Disaster Relief Group (coordinated)
  • Emergency Management Committee (coordinated)
  • Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership (pledged)
  • African-American Mayors Association Innovation Project (pledged)
  • Huston-Tillotson Small Business Certification (co-drafted)
  • Travis County Caregiver Grab-n-Go Prepared Meals (facilitated)
  • Central Texas Food Bank Distributions (coordinated)
  • Laundris (facilitated tech industry disruptor to Manor)
  • CivStart Small Business Support Program (facilitated)
  • Resource & Information Fair (coordinated)
  • Manor Economic Development Committee (coordinated)
  • Kaufman’s Entrepreneurship & Small Business Ownership Commitment (pledged)
  • City Innovation Ecosystems Commitment (pledged)
  • St. David’s Foundation $25K Grant for Local Nonprofits (coordinated)
  • Highway Signage, Interstate Restriping, and Farm-to-Market Turn Signals (coordinated)
  • Manor Capital Improvements Committee (coordinated)
  • Small Business Administration’s Community Navigator Program grant (endorsed)

Leading From The Front

During the early outbreak of COVID-19, Larry enacted six-pathways to success in response to forewarnings of a pandemic.
In March of 2020, as most leaders hesitated to act, gave little attention, or overly expressed an ill-equipped governmental system; Larry identified sources and methods for sustainable primary care and food services; youth support; COVID-19 testing; and mental health support.
Facilitate targeted assistance to populations designated as vulnerable by the City of Manor.
a. Establish contact and create lines of communication with volunteer community groups (e.g., Manor Texas COVID-19) via highly utilized and contemporary social media, text, etc., platforms to capture majority of the community within an area of familiarity.
b. Establish and create lines of communication with points of contact with local and county services (e.g., health, EMS, police, water, electricity, etc.) for city’s limit and extraterritorial jurisdiction.
Identify and prioritize city limit and extraterritorial jurisdiction residential needs with key focus on low-income and high-need populations.
a. Coordinate with local organizations, business owners, and county services to identify facilities for use as temporary collection, packaging, and distribution centers.
b. Coordinate with county and regional entities (e.g., Central Texas Food Bank) to establish a food transfer pipeline from their facility to identified temporary distribution sites in Manor.
c. Coordinate with local grocery stores, farmer markets, restaurants and community members for transferring unused items to local distribution sites in Manor.
d. Identify and coordinate with local organizations capable of supporting food donation and distribution efforts.
Facilitate increased testing and access to testing in the community.
a. Advocate for local testing facilities.

b. Identify and provide information about local and area testing locations.

Ensure avenues are established and periodically reviewed for positive productivity.
a. Coordinate with educational systems for structured study and down-time schedules for community dissemination.
b. Minimize and mitigate potential juvenile delinquencies.
c. Support innovative and balanced youth-oriented programs, initiatives, child safety and well-being programs that provide for their physical, emotional and intellectual needs.
Ensure consistency of official information to mitigate rumors, paranoia and hysteria via unofficial and unapproved data and to provide information to the community about food distribution, youth support, testing, mental health, and other resources.
a. Subscribe to and disseminate (as appropriate) Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and any other pertinent county and national organization email notification systems to enable real-time situational awareness.
b. Join pertinent social media groups to proactively communicate via who, what, when, where, and why for each post to mitigate inaccurate information and potential hysteria.
c. Collaborate, coordinate, and communicate COVID-19 information and resources to the community-at-large via Manor Journal, Manor Chamber of Commerce, Manor ISD, City Hall, etc.
Support community-wide and individual stressors and identifying needs at the community and individual level.
a. Communicate with local religious and spiritual leaders to establish a system to best assist current and future community needs for shelter-in-place or lockdown restrictions and social and economic impacts of COVID-19.
b. Identify and establish contact with organizations who can support COVID-19 stress related expressions and acts by residents.